The concept of smart money was -10 days, and the chip was changed 4 times.

Smart money smashed in: the concept was changed 4 times in 10 days
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  Absolutely, foreign countries have entered the A-share market in a big way. So, before the holiday, did the capital go north to buy some “new year goods”?Take you to find out.  The Beijing Times suspiciously holds shares. The Securities Times · Statistics show that since the beginning of 2020, Beijing Funds can accumulate A509 shares.1.7 billion, an increase of 36 every year.3%.In the 14 trading days this year, Beijing Capital has maintained a net inflow of 13 trading days. Obviously, Beijing Capital is more concerned about holiday holdings.  In the Shenwan industry where Riga warehouses of Beijing Capital’s “annual trucks” have increased their positions in the computer industry before the holiday, Beijing Capital’s latest holding of computer industry shares is 14.8.1 billion shares, the score increased by 13 at the end of last year.35%.In addition, Kitakami ‘s substantial increase in capital also includes construction and decoration, light industry manufacturing, and communications. The increase in shareholdings has exceeded 8%.  Mining, two industries of public utilities were attacked by the northward capital, and the mining industry lightened the most obvious, which decreased about 4 at the end of last year.49%.  I bought these “new year’s goods” before the festival, and the foreign style of long-term value investment can indicate that the stocks are long-term optimistic, or they can resist the risk of resisting potential decline.The overall capital flow shows that Beishang Capital is more concerned about the holiday holdings. Specifically, which stocks are the “new year’s goods” of the major purchases before the Beishang Fund?  Statistics show that before the holiday, there were 801 stocks with northbound funds, and 49 stocks that overlapped by more than one, were mainly distributed in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biological industries, each with 6 stocks.  Marubeni shares, Po Laiya were added 3 positions.89 manifestations, 3.13 teenagers, ranked first and fourth in the plus position.Both of them are A-share cosmetics celebrities who have developed in the past 20 years, and both have successfully created brands with unique characteristics.Affected by the outbreak of the influence of Internet celebrities, both of them received the attention of market funds. The market opened less than one month this year and has increased by 14 respectively.93% and 22.68%.  The size of Kashiwa’s increase in positions before the festival is second only to Marubei, and the latest shareholding ratio increased by 3 at the end of the previous year.36 averages.Jinshi Resources is the leader of the domestic fluorite industry. It is the largest enterprise in the domestic fluorite industry with resources reserves, mining, production and processing.With the increase in environmental protection requirements, the industry ‘s entry barriers have increased significantly, product prices have continued to increase, and the industry will gradually concentrate on large, high-tech leaders.  In addition, the price increase concept stocks have also been added to the annual list by Kitakami funds.In addition to Jinshi Resources, the rising price concept stocks include Bai Ao Chemical, Zhongshun Jierou, Xianhe, etc. Due to the recent rise in chemical prices and paper prices, market funds have flowed into relevant sectors, and related stocks have gained.  In terms of market performance, before the holiday, the capital of Northbound Capital focused on increasing 49 stocks, with an average increase of 8.72%, of which 38 shares grew ahead of time and outperformed the Shanghai Index, accounting for 78% of the total.There are only 6 stocks that have increased by more than 10% in the top 10 positions.  Specifically, Xusheng shares continued to increase by 53 during the year.25%, ranking first.Other potential growth cracks include Weil, Yijiahe, Zhaoyan New Drugs, and Polaya, all of which have exceeded 20%.  The biggest attraction before the festival is Tesla. Domestically produced Tesla will be delivered to customers offline. It is planned to complete 100% domesticization by the end of 2020. Many concept stocks will be increased by northbound funds.As a key player in Tesla’s localization, Xusheng Co., Ltd. was enthusiastically received by the market capital. During the 16 trading days of the year, 14 Yang lines were received, and the turnover rate was as high as 418%.Tesla concept stocks that have increased their positions also include Huagong Technology, Siwei Tuxin, Ganfeng Lithium, etc., which have increased their positions by more than 0.3 averages.  How to invest in China Merchants Securities in 2020 It is said that the current level of foreign funds holdings in A-shares is not high and is still in the stage of adding positions. It is expected that 南京桑拿网 overseas funds will generally maintain a net inflow in 2020, and it is expected to reach 250 billion yuan-300 billion.  The A-share Shanghai Index is still at a historically low point near 3000 points, which is an undervalued asset and a high margin of safety. It is said that other major global markets still have certain advantages, and the opportunity to obtain excess returns in the future will be shared by other markets.From the point of view of the continued substantial increase in A-share capital before the holiday, Beishang Fund is expected to continue to increase A-share positions in 2020.  From the perspective of the industry sector, after the holiday, the capital may go to the white horse sector of large consumption.The aging trend of China and the impact of consumption upgrades, the white horse stocks represented by food 成都桑拿网 and beverages, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology are striving to usher in a good investment opportunity.Empire, Midea Group was bought by foreign countries with a holding limit close to 30%. From a certain point of view, foreign countries are willing to buy premium Chinese real high-quality assets, and foreign countries resolutely buy Baima shares, which also reflects the certainty of investment value.Once the white horse stocks are distorted in place, the funds to go north will most likely start a buy-buy-buy shopping model.  Beijing Capital Securities believes that stocks with abundant cash flow, top profit value and market share breakthroughs are the first choice of Kitakami funds for long-term and long-term investment strategies.Against the background of the downward pressure on the global economy, the huge domestic consumption potential and the company’s performance growth dividends that benefit from the huge internal population economy, especially the food and beverage and medical care industries, continue to take the lead.  In addition, technology stocks represented by electronics, computers, and communications will also continue to attract the attention of Kitakami Capital. Popular concepts such as the Huawei concept, TWS wireless headsets, flexible screens, and chips are all from the technology sector, which fully demonstrates the “helping growth” of the technology concept.ability.Next year is also the time when 5G, Internet of Things, chips, panels, new energy vehicles and other technology industries are under construction, providing a fundamental support for the growth of the A-share technology sector.