Lu Menglin is unmoved,He squeezed the glass again with a smile。

“Mr. Wu Hao,What are your plans for the Sandstorm Corps next??”At this moment,President Hu Jin smiled and asked。
He is a standard businessman,Most sensitive to trends,It sounds like he is going to tell the truth from Wu Hao’s mouth,Make early plans for your own business。
When Lu Menglin heard this,,Casually smiled:“We plan to expand,Strengthen the line of defense,Try to counterattack。”
“Expansion?This is a big deal!What resources are needed at that time,Straight pipe opening。”Hu Jin said with a smile。
Lu Menglin nodded,Said seriously:“We plan to incorporate the night Korean army,If your Hu family can help,That would be better。”
“what?You want to incorporate the night Korean army?”Marshal Hu’s eyes rounded,Surprised。
To poke such a sensitive topic all at once,Even Hu Jin doesn’t dare to take it easily,Not to mention the other Hu children,All with big eyes and small eyes,Shocked on the spot。
“Ok,The number of alien monsters is too large,Our army alone cannot stop,And their upper level is wise,The next attack will not be so simple,Only concentrate all forces,It is possible to hold。”
Lu Menglin paused,Keep saying:“and so,I also plan to recruit a lot of troops outside the hunting ring,Concentrate all the power,Battle with monsters!Besides,There is no other way。”
“Outbound hunting ring conscription?”The Hu clan members were once again shocked by this young man’s bold ideas。
Is he trying to combine the outer hunting circle and the chaotic circle into one??This is not a joke!Not to mention the core circle,The Seven Great Powers in Chaos Circle,It is estimated that no major congress agrees with this idea,Which of course also includes night Korea。
Marshal Hu was surprised,Shook his head and smiled bitterly:“The young man’s idea is really bold!but,I’m afraid it’s not that easy。By contrast,You want to include the Korean army at night,It’s nothing。”
Lu Menglin nodded,Tao:“If possible,From the core circle,Completely unify the power of the Seven Great Powers,Only concentrate the power of the entire plane,To have a chance to beat those monsters。”
in fact,Lu Menglin’s heart is bright,Even if the power of the entire plane is concentrated,Unify the combat power of all races,It may not be the opponent of the ancient pan evil god,Didn’t really face that thing,I can’t realize how horrible it is。
Once that god-level creature fully awakens on this plane,,Will easily crush all lives。