“Don’t do it,Hands-on,Don’t talk about you two,Two more are not my opponents”Zhang Yong said,So he stood in front of Huang Qiang。

Huang Qiang stretched out his hand unconvinced and pushed Zhang Yong’s shoulder,He suddenly found,This Yong is not alone at all,But the half of the steel plate。
“it is good!You kid have kind。But you wait,I will call someone over to clean you up”Huang Qiang said,Got into the car,Suddenly retreat,Which crashed Passat ran away。
Zhang Yong grabbed Huang Qiang’s driver and shouted:“Your boss ran away,You pay for this car,Otherwise I will kick you to death”Zhang Yong is very angry。
Huang Qiang’s driver looked silly。His boss Huang Qiang drove away,This happened to him。Can’t run away,Beat and beat。
“Damn!Two big bosses。I’m just a little guy driving for the boss。You let us pay,Even if i agree,But I have no money!”Huang Qiang’s slaying face,Talking,He still laughed,The look of a pair of hob meat。
Xia Jian has seen such people a lot,He asked Zhang Yongdao:“If we want to repair this car,About how much money you need?”
“Hit a bit serious,But this is a van,It can be done with five thousand yuan”Zhang Yong said,Can’t help but glance at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“So be it!Since this driver has no money,He drove the car anyway。Fold his arms,Don’t need this money”
Xia Jian’s words,Not only surprised the driver,Even Bai Li is stupid。
First2186chapter One wave is not flat, another wave rises
What Xia Jian said is a bit cruel,But since the words have been said,Zhang Yong only has execution。He moves quickly,The driver hardly sees clearly,Zhang Yong has twisted one of his arms to his back。
“Boss forgive!Don’t do this,Otherwise it’s too late to regret”Which driver yelled loudly,Sweat on his forehead。
Xia Jian winked at Zhang Yong,Zhang Yong used his hands hard。Which screamed like a pig:“I said that,Our boss has a very hard backstage,Even if I lose money to you,You can’t get out2#Pavilion,I’m afraid he is going to find someone now”
“it is good!Then we don’t need you to pay for this car,I ask a few questions,As long as you answer honestly,We can let you go”Xia Jian said,Smile。
Which driver just listen,Busy saying:“go ahead!I know I will say”
“What did Huang Qiang do just now?And you said he has a backstage,Which backstage is who?Don’t lie,You can go after talking”Xia Jian lowered his voice,Asked coldly。
Which driver looked around,Just said in a low voice:“Huang Qiang is this way,And contractors for surrounding greenery,Of course his backstage is Angkor。If you are not here,I’m still there,Otherwise, wait for Huang Qiang to poke it to Angkor,It’s too late if you want to run”