Wang Youcai didn’t want to say,But he thinks it’s better to let his parents know about it,Otherwise it’s not a good thing to hide everything from them。

So he explained the quarrel with Song Fang from beginning to end to his father.。After listening to Wang Degui,Can’t help but shook his head and said:“Really convinced them,Two big men were fooled by a woman。No wonder Song Fang’s performance today is a bit strange”
“This is a fairy,I didn’t care about her at first,But the boss likes to be tricked by her,What can you say about us?”Chen Yueqin was gasping for breath。
Yao Chunni looked at this family,Serving rice,Whispered:“Everyone calms down,Eating like this is bad for your health”When Yao Chunni spoke,Chen Yueqin and Wang Degui’s anger disappeared。
Wang Youcai can only smile,I picked up my rice bowl and ate it。It’s still delicious。Wang Youcai thinks he is a rough man,Don’t understand the feelings inside。But his second brother is a college graduate,Why doesn’t he understand the truth??
Get up the next day,Dark sky。The northwest wind blew across people’s faces like a knife,A few snow particles occasionally fall in the sky。
Wang Youcai is standing by the garden while brushing his teeth,Holding water glasses on one side,Yao Chunni, who stood by him waiting to brush her teeth, said:“I have to go in a while,I can’t get in if it snows”
“Don’t leave when it snows,Rest at home for two more days”Yao Chunni with a smile,She whispered。
Wang Youcai is speechless,Actually he rests everywhere,But it might be quiet at home,But in Chenzhuang, sometimes it’s tired。He doesn’t know if the rest in Yao Chunni’s words contains this meaning。
Breakfast is Wang Youcai’s favorite lard cake,He ate several at once。In the end, Yao Chunni was afraid of eating him bad,He won’t let him eat。
“It’s the twelfth lunar month,There are some things you need to mind。Must be married on the sixth day of the first lunar month,Can’t be late。Something to prepare,You have to prepare in advance”Wang Degui lies behind the big kang,Said with his eyes closed。
Wang Youcai nodded and said:“Nothing to prepare。As long as you have money now,Everything is convenient。I thought about it last night,Since you want to do it at home,I’ll just give the wine bag to others,We only pay,Picture convenient”
“This matter is up to you”Wang Degui finished,So he turned his body inside。