Qiao Ming is also very worried about Lin Yu at this moment,Although he was very dissatisfied with what Lin Yu did just now,But after all, his girlfriend,Now I see her hurt,I really want to come forward and care about it。

but,When Qiao Ming just moved this mind,I noticed Qiao Zhenwu’s cold eyes。
Gritted his teeth,Qiao Ming retracted his steps towards Lin Yu,Turning directly to Xiao Fan’s direction and limply walked over。
Bowed his head respectfully,Said:“Sorry!”
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Take the blame
Xiao Fan looked at Qiao Ming who was standing in front of him coldly,Then said:
“Sorry?Qiao Ming,Did you forget what our previous bet was??how,Do I need to remind you again??”
Qiao Ming lowered his head,Gloomy。
bet?Qiao Ming, of course he remembers。
Originally, the bet has nothing to do with me,But later this Xiao Fan deliberately aroused himself,and so,I will bet with him one more bet。
Everything is calculated by Xiao Fan。
If it wasn’t for him to arouse himself,Then I won’t ask him to increase the bet。
Later,This Xiao Fan is even more afraid of repentance,So I tried to persuade myself to let myself give up that bet again and again.。
Don’t be too vicious。