He is a person who doesn’t like to cause trouble,But things happened,He is not afraid of things。This is his Xia Jian personality。He doesn’t care about Sun Yao’s background,He is ready to fight。

Anyway, this window paper is punctured,Xia Jian didn’t feel the burden,He has to settle his stomach,People are iron rice is steel,He can fight better if he is full and full。
Xia Jian walks out of the hotel,Casually took a look,Then I walked towards a noodle restaurant across the road。
The sign of the noodle shop is not big,But as soon as I walked in,The layout inside is still impressive。More than ten tables,Clean and bright。There were already a lot of people sitting when Xia Jian entered。
Xia Jian found an empty seat against the wall and sat down,Then I ordered a beef sauce,A plate of fried noodles,Plus a bottle of beer。I thought I might stop driving at night,Drinking less can relieve fatigue。
The speed of the big restaurant is still ok,Xia Jian did not sit down for a while before he brought up the things he wanted。For Xia Jian,Is his best,He ate and drank。
At this moment,Suddenly two young men came across from him,As soon as they sit down,One of them smiled at Xia Jian:“Is it delicious??“
One breath,Xia Jian felt that these two people must have come to trouble him。So he speeded up,I first put a plate of fried noodles into my stomach,Then which plate of fried noodles。
“Turned out to be a starving ghost reborn,I thought how capable“Which guy sitting opposite saw Xia Jian ignore them,He deliberately used words to stimulate Xia Jian。Xia Jian understands what they mean,At this time, he will fill up his stomach first.。
“Hey!Let’s run when we are full,Brother Qiang hosted a banquet at Donghai Hotel,Please come over and have two drinks,Don’t drink your beer”One of them said,Reached out and took away the bottle in front of Xia Jian。
Xia Jian did not have any seizures,He paid first,Then he raised his foot and walked outside the restaurant。These two people immediately followed,And it’s very tight。Xia Jian suddenly stopped,Said quietly:“I don’t know your strong brother,So I won’t go with you”
“Hey!its not right!Master Sun said you are bold,Put no one in sight,Said as long as we come here to call you,You will definitely follow us。how?Just talked about a meal and changed”The two following Xia Jian,One of them said defiantly。
Xia Jian laughed and said:“Master Sun’s fart doesn’t work now,I don’t want to go with you,So you better stop following me,Otherwise, I’ll be rude to you when I get angry”
“is it?We both want to learn about your unkindness”This man said,Suddenly shot。His right hand is lightning fast,In a blink of an eye, he buckled Xia Jian’s shoulder。
Take action while talking,Indeed a bit unexpected,But Xia Jian had prevented the two men from attacking suddenly,So he just raised his left arm up,Poke this person’s eyes with a stroke of two dragons and play beads with his right hand。Faster than his speed,This makes the expert reach out,I know if there is。
This person was dumbfounded,I dare not make the old one,Stopped halfway,Two heels had to be closed,Waiting for Xia Jian’s two fingers to poke in。But Xia Jian is not a bitter person,As the saying goes。
Dou Da’s sweat leaked from this man’s forehead,When he opened his eyes,Xia Jian has put his two fingers back,Watching him motionless。This person is also a practicing,I know it was Xia Jian who was merciful just now,Otherwise his eyes must be blind right now。
“Thanks a lot!I don’t know Taishan,How offended,Since you have made up your mind,Then please”This person finished,Greeted my companion,Disappeared into the night in an instant。
Xia Jian sighed helplessly,He knew that Sun Yao would never give up like this。