Other practitioners are very slow。

Li Ming’s two men,Xiong Gu Tianshen is stronger,Constantly hacking and prohibiting time,Driven by a strong will,Even the power of the sword has reached the third state【Heroic Realm】,Under the bloody knife power, it can actually break through three thousand restrictions。
This level,Ranked eighth among the 27 true immortals!
If you can maintain this speed,He is very expected to enter the third floor of the Universe Tower。
By contrast,Yingtianshen’s methods are much weaker,What he enlightened was Jiuyou Dadao,Is not good at attacking。
And the power of Jiuyou in the first realm,The additional power is comparable to the earth fairy,Can only control magic attacks,Just over one thousand and one hundred,It’s the last of the 27 true immortals。
In the break,Time goes by bit by bit。
Three years have passed since the 27 true immortals entered the Universe Tower。
Three years,It’s not a long time for the ordinary,What’s more, for true immortals。
And the whole universe,But something big happened。
The crocodile devil who was directly chased by Li Ming,Lead Qi Yao Tianshen to make a shot,Almost breached Dagan Mountain。
fortunately,There are countless prohibitions in Dagan Mountain,It’s much better for the true immortals to cooperate with each other in the mountain than to form a battle outside。
In addition, Dazhou has inherited the love of Dagan Shenshan,Dare to help。
In the end, more than sixty true immortals gathered in the sacred mountain of the universe,There are also a lot of fairy support。
Not only did the crocodile demon king Qiyao Tianjin fail to win,Even almost left in Dagan Mountain。
As a last resort,The crocodile demon king Qiyao Tianshen directly tore the void and escaped from this world。