“Excuse me,Who are you looking for?”

Uncle Ye speaks:“Let’s find Master Liu,I heard that swords are made here,Come here to see。”
“Find me?”
“you?”Everyone looked at this young man in surprise。
You are Master Liu?So young,Reliable??Uncle Ye also forgot to ask his friends,How old is Master Liu。
Young Liu Hui introduces himself,He is the 12th generation of Longquan Jianjian。originally,Follow normal development,He should still be studying at university。
But since my father died last year,Had to drop out of school,Come back and inherit the family business。
Said to inherit the family business,In fact, just such a small workshop that is about to close down。Honestly,When he took over,Only to realize that the situation is worse than he thought,Already struggling to make ends meet。
No order is one thing;on the other hand,I don’t feel like I can make much money with orders,high cost。
Manual production with other machines,Totally impossible to compare。People can sell it cheaply,If you lower the price,Only oneself is dragged to death。
This year,He tried his best,Give this family a sigh of relief。
“You need to build swords?Please come in。”A listen,It seems that business is coming,Young Liu Hui’s face immediately filled with smiles,Politely invite everyone to go inside。
Inside the small workshop,Several finished products are sparsely placed,All weapons,But it has nothing to do with the sword,Grotesque。The audience in the live room,Some people look familiar。
“Fucking!Isn’t that game equipment??”