But this guardian of the planes guessed a little wrong,This one enters‘hell’The invading gods,But the Lord Wright is the proudest“works”one。

The first middle god of blood system practitioners‘Gu Ning’。
He is also a very close disciple of Wright,Although he is far inferior to Lin Lei in terms of talent,Not as good as O’Brien。But this disciple’s body,But Wright has incorporated the essence and blood of six sacred beasts。
The bloodline training system created by Wright,Not strictly speaking a completely independent system,The practitioner does not need‘Feeling’The law,Doesn’t mean you don’t need the law。
In fact,This‘Bloodline Training System’The root of,It lies in the mystery of the blood of the beast that Wright has cracked。
In Panlong universe,The beast can be said to be the proud child of heaven,Once they reach adulthood,Naturally master a mysterious law,Automatically become a god。And most sacred beasts are inherently tyrannical,Material attacks are enough to overwhelm a normal god。
Plus talents with different abilities,There are also special energy in the soul that can be used for soul defense。
of course,Divine beasts are also graded。
But it’s the lowest grade among the mythical beasts,Such as 狻猊,Haunted Dog,A little stronger than ordinary gods。Their talents,At least it can be comparable to mastering a complete high-level mysterious god,Some talents are stronger,Can be comparable to the combination of two mysterious parts。
Medium beast,Like a snake、Golden Crown Mermaid,Their talents and supernatural powers are at least comparable to the combination of two or three laws,Once you become the upper god,Can basically grow to a five-star level,Some powerful ones have six-star strength。
Top beast,Like that amethyst beast,Bloodweave Titan,Only their talents and supernatural powers can make them into the seven-star or even the palace master。
As for Qinglong、Super monsters like God Eater,Once you become the upper god,Stands directly at the top of the god level。Beasts at this level,Wright calls it the pinnacle beast。
This top beast、Pinnacle beast,Maybe the variety is not small,But the number of individuals of each is not unique,At most two or three,The profound meaning contained in its talents and magical powers,Not at all under Dzogchen。
For example, Azure Dragon’s Dragon Yin can affect time,This in itself is actually quite incredible,Because the Panlong universe does not have the mystery of time and space。
These words are the great being who created the Panlong magic universe‘Hongmeng’Personally,Credibility seems quite high。
Of course Wright is more willing to understand,‘Hongmeng’Hidden the mystery of the laws of time and space,Can’t directly perceive practice。For ordinary gods,These about the beast,The internal details about talent and supernatural powers are meaningless,After all, they didn’t even integrate the six profound mysteries.。
But Wright is different。