“I can only give you these tips,After all, I have never walked out of my way in my life,Not able to become a great swordsman!”The owner said helplessly。

“Teacher, rest assured,I will become the world’s largest swordsman,Then tell others I was taught by you!”Leo thanked。
Although Leo has a good physical talent,But can progress so fast,Is inseparable from the teaching of the owner。
Leo knows how to be grateful,So I always respect the owner。
“Cough,Leo,Self-confidence is good,but,Overconfidence is easy to lose yourself!Excessive self-deception is also easy to go wrong!”
Without waiting for Leo to speak,The owner continued:“Since you know where you are going,So that’s all for today’s conversation!correct,Please settle the expenses。”
The owner pondered slightly,I wanted to collect 5 million,But I feel like I’ve been listening to Leo’s awesomeness for so long,The ears and heart are a little bad,It is necessary to charge more,After all, people are getting older,A lot of money is needed for medical treatment。
“on,Ten million!After all, it’s the way to become a great swordsman,This charge should be fair!”
Leo didn’t object this time,Jianhao is also a strong man in the upper middle class,And the great swordsman is the top powerhouse,Even a little mention is worth ten thousand gold。
Ten million is really not much。
“I will ask someone to send the money later!”
I heard that Leo agreed without hesitation,The owner is a little touched,Hey,Such a generous person is too rare these days。
“Leo,I didn’t see you wrong as a teacher,Your goodness(qian)Endow(bao)Really excellent!”The owner laughed。“If you have a child in the future and I’m still alive,You can let him come to me to study,20% off tuition!”