Beijing real estate inheritance and notary matters will be lowered

  Beijing Youth Daily, I learned from the Municipal Development and Reform Commission yesterday that in order to further optimize the business environment, reduce the burden on the business, from November 30th, the city will down-regulate two notary service charges such as economic contract notary, real estate inheritance and legacy notary. Standard, improve government pricing methods, and simultaneously limit the total amount of total costs, and expect to reduce the social burden of about 19 million yuan.

  Among them, there is a notarization of the inheritance, gifting and legacy of the property, and the plan is adjusted.

The relevant notary matters are adjusted by the original benefit of the property to be priced by the property area, and each building has no more than 80 yuan per building. As an example, a single price of 10,000 yuan / square meter and a commercial area of ??the construction area of ??the commercial house shall be transferred to the notarization. According to the original standard, they should pay the dollar according to the new standard, which is 46%.

  "Certification Contract, Agreement" notary is reasonably set up a step-reduction rate, further reducing the proportional ratio calculation criteria in accordance with the standard, adjusted the proportion of the original ratio of the original ratio to the measurement of the standard, and the first file fee The rate is reduced to%, and the average charge is approximately 17%.

  It is worth mentioning that the "ceiling" price is added for two notarized charges. Specifically, it is specified that the total number of non-eviminations for the above-mentioned non-evimination fee shall not exceed 10,000 yuan, and the single-piece certificate shall not be charged the economic contract. The notary of the agreement shall not be more than 10,000 yuan, and the burden of the enterprise and the masses are effectively reduced. Reporter Lin Yan).