The penultimate layer is only composed of black gasification beasts,And these things that exist between heaven and earth at this moment,Has been able to influence people’s thinking。

Xia Chenglong closed his eyes,The whole person is at rest,Feeling those guys who quietly enter the body。
Their domineering is not inferior to the moment“Dream Promise”,So even his five elements aura can’t completely restrain them。
But these guys also have something to fear,such as……Dragon Spirit。
When the light golden dragon breath flows from the meridians,The guys who were arrogant before began to run wildly,How could Xia Cheng Longmen give the opponent a chance to escape?,The dragon-swimming air flowing from all directions slowly forced those guys out of the body。
This process seems simple,It actually requires a lot of attention。
“Get me out。”
Xia Chenglong hummed inwardly,Directly force those black qi out of the body,Immediately exhale a turbid breath,It’s really not easy。
If it weren’t for the multiple protections in his body,I’m afraid just at the moment,He has been eroded by the opponent。
“old man,are you there?”