He still looks at the problem with his old eyes,The impression of Bairimen is still half a year ago,I don’t know that Bairi Gate is already unified,Changed the master。

but,Even if he doesn’t know Wu Hao’s true position in Bairimen,But the relationship with Princess Huanhai has been witnessed.,Wu Hao can indeed supply the special products of Bairimen to Fashen City,And this way,The entire Tianzun God City will be affected。
“Wuhao,Let’s meet each other,I have to say something,What if you lose the game?”Xiao Ning said coldly。
Xiao Ning’s original intention was to remind Wu Hao,Don’t be too proud,In case of losing the game,Ning Wangfu wants to use martial arts,Except for the Sixth Prince’s Mansion,Who else dares to stand up for him。
“Xiao Ning,Don’t fix these useless。Let me do it!”Zhao Liehui saw something wrong,Interrupted quickly。
“Wuhao Brothers,I respect you as a man!Be careful later,Let’s talk about winning first place。Other things,Wait for you to complete the magical fusion,Let’s sit down and make it clear,Anyway, the Sixth Prince’s Mansion will never let you suffer.!”Zhao Lie hammered his chest,Smiled。
Lu Menglin smiled too,Nodded:“Brother Hammer is right!It’s too early to discuss these,If I’m killed on stage later,Don’t we just talk for nothing?”
“Correct,you are right!Let’s fight hard first!Winning is the most important thing!”Zhao Liezhu quickly said。
Xiao Ning listened more and more uncomfortable,But Zhao Liezhu refused to let him speak any more,But pulled him away quickly。
Chapter one thousand and seventy-two Megatron
Zhao Liehui is right,Only win,It’s possible to continue talking。Lu Menglin looked at the backs of the two drifting away,Can’t help but think in my heart。
I remember when I first entered Tianzun God City,Meet the Three Masters of Black Blood,Shocked,The power of the three of them,Left a very deep impression on myself。
But just half a year,When he sees the Three Masters of Black Blood again,But found that his strength has already surpassed them unknowingly。
In fact,Xiao Ning is not as good as Zhao Liehammer,Because of the great warrior Zhao Liehammer,Just now relying on keen intuition,Sense something。
He should already know that Wu Hao’s true strength is only stronger than his own,Deal with a few forty-level seed fighters,Just a breeze,So no need to continue talking。
The Six Princes House can only find opportunities to cooperate with Wu Hao,Treat him as an equal partner,What kind of shelter?,Just don’t mention it anymore。