“Don’t worry,I am playing a song for you.?”Eastern is unbeaten,Domineering weak three points、More than three points。

Chu Deirers also inexplicably,Dark road:How is this joint person weird??I haven’t encountered it so much before.?
This sound is really beautiful!
If you say that the oriental unbeaten appearance,And Wang Yin、Small dragon,It’s just that the style is that the Chu Deiren has never seen.,So her voice,It’s really a wonderful thing.。
I have heard such a sound before.?How can I not impress??
Chu Deirers are very confused,But did not interrupt the opponent Fuqin。
Be right,Eastern unbeaten sound,It is her further sign,Really the sound of the mother。
However, the Eastern is unbeaten to have a bigger difficult relationship.——The practice has been repaired.!
Whether it is《Sunflower》、still is《Mother and god》,Among them, she thinks“Nutrition”part,Already completely cultivated。
Want to reach the last half,I can only take it out.。
After all, there is no existence,Straightforward“Heaven”Skill。
The reason that appears in Lin’an,On the one hand, it is for Wu Sangui’s cooperation.——There is no such thing as if you want to let me.,In practice《Sunflower》After you lose your big as well as domineering,She still has their own power to pursue;on the other hand,It is also to practice your martial arts.。
Everything mother,which is“There is no”,The general man is a male、Female,The Eastern is unbeaten but thinks this is a male phase after tomorrow.、Female phase,All from“have”Born,Congenital women,Is true“none”,Nothing、Positive。
For this reason, the Easier has been unbeaten with Zhang Sanfeng.,The big morning of the next day will capture Taiji true biography.!
She has to admit it,s“Yin Yang’s mystery”,When the world is too Taiji、Mo Hu Sanfeng……
Unfortunately, she is a sacred church.,Self-thinking Zhang Sanfeng is not likely to sit on her,Therefore, the soldiers are dangerous。
In the end, the East is unbeaten from Wudang,Take a part《Pure Yang Polancence》Declination manuscript——The world is nothing to do with Zhang Sanfeng.,I have a hurry to escape.,but……In fact, the Eastern is unbeaten and Zhang Sanfeng is handed.!
Although only ten strokes,If you don’t defeat the East, you will know that you are not your enemy.,Rudite immediately,But there is also a hand,Zhang Sanfeng did not catch up。
It is this short-lived hand.,Plus《Pure Yang Polancence》Some of the deduction manuscript,There is no problem in the orientation of the orientation.——Zhang Sanfeng’s“Pure”,It is also a congenital male,exist“The day after tomorrow”Above,So the crown“Unprotive”。
After that, the East is unbeaten to use this part of the manuscript,Some secrets of the full Qing Dynasty from the North Shaolin search……
Comprehensive,Eastern is unbeaten,Zhang Sanfeng is blended with a kind of Xuanyin god,to realise“Pure”。
And the end of the Eastern is not considered this is the best choice.,It is also true that Zhang Sanfeng is only“Trend”Break the door,Instead of“gas”Break the door,Instead, the East is unbeaten.……Adapting to nature yin and yang,Come to achieve a heaven!
certainly,This yin and yang Jiaotai is not just a men and women.,But a deeper“Double repair”。
But then,The Eastern is unbeaten again into the Difficulties——She has not made a body of the mother,I can’t really be very yin and yang.,And to achieve the body of the mother,First Yinyang Jiaotai……
This kind of difficulties,When you explore the front road,In fact, often appears,Eastern unbeaten decisions with simple methods——Try it first.!
Which step does not do it?,Stopping is。
But you have to be Yinyang,Do you have to put it in your own body,The Eastern is not defeated to left,Recently, it can be seen to look at the eyes.,That is only……
kindness,Just too much big life,Chu Deirers will definitely,Just do it together!
Eastern is unbeaten,Do you have to go to the other person.,This is a good office,It’s a song of your own。