Huo Rongxuan said:“I can go,You go back with me。”

Shen Han’s face immediately showed a look of fear,“I do not!”
Huo Rongxuan’s suppressed anger finally broke out,He snorted,“Don’t think that you will feel confident when you come to Qiao Jingren,This is not Hong Kong,The person who moves me here has to weigh。”
Shen Han is still in low fever,Plus the emotions at this time,I just wanted to say something, a mouth suddenly coughed。
Huo Rongxuan watched Shen Han lying on the bed, coughing badly,I regretted it almost immediately。In Huo Rongxuan’s opinion, Shen Han is black and thin,At this time, another sick and haggard look,He wouldn’t think it was because Shen Han was still sick,I only think that Shen Han suffered outside during this time。
Huo Rongxuan’s mouth hurts terribly when he hears Shen Han’s cough,Can’t help but hold him in a low apology:“All right,I’m talking crazy,Don’t get angry。”
Huo Rongxuan wanted to keep holding Shen Han but was suddenly pushed away,Just about to get angry,But seeing Shen Han staring at him with red eyes,Face and neck coughed red,Can’t bear it again。
Huo Rongxuan made concessions,“If you don’t want to go back,Let’s talk about this until you get better。”
What else does Huo Rongxuan want to say?,At this time the door of the ward was opened,Qiao Jingren walked in from outside。He heard Shen Han coughing outside,When I came in and saw this posture, I immediately walked over and stood in front of the hospital bed to separate Huo Rongxuan from Shen Han。
Qiao Jingren looked at Huo Rongxuan guardingly,Warned:“Mr. Huo。”
Huo Rongxuan was irritated when he saw Qiao Jingren’s appearance of protecting a calf,But Shen Han is not good at it now,Finally, I had to take another look at Shen Han, who was protected by Qiao Jingren.,Said something:“Mr. Joe,I’ll go back first,Let’s talk another day。”
Finished,Turned around and left the ward。
Shen Han was trembling with anger by Huo Rongxuan,After Huo Rongxuan left, he still couldn’t recover。
Qiao Jingren read countless people,Naturally, I can see that the relationship between Shen Han and Huo Rongxuan is not simple,But he didn’t ask anything,Help Shen Han to lie down again,And fed him a few sips of water。
Wait for Shen Han to calm down,So I said to him peacefully:“Mr Lin,If you want to talk to someone,I will be a good listener。”
Shen Han looked at him,after awhile,Whisper:“My last name is Lin,My real name is Shen Han,Mr joe sorry,I lied to you。”
Qiao Jingren told him:“Everyone has a past,Understandable。And it didn’t hurt me and Xinxin,No need to apologize。”