Just at this time,Three policemen walked in,A person in his thirties walking in front,The person is very tough,As soon as he enters,He handed a piece of paper in front of Ouyang Hong and said:“Mayor Ouyang,Secretary Wang asked me to bring this to you”

“Director Li,Worked hard,You sit down”Ouyang Hong said,Reached out and took the paper from Director Li。Xia Jian only knew,This person turned out to be the director of the Pingyang Town Police Station,He seems to have seen it before,Just don’t know his true identity。
Mayor Li’s face changed slightly,To Director Li:“Director Li,Are you wrong!Superior file,Should be shown to me first,Don’t you know that I am the mayor?”
“Sorry,This is arranged by Secretary Wang,What’s wrong,You should ask him!”Don’t look at the five big and three rough heads of Director Li,She’s also very smart。
Ouyang Hong glanced at which piece of paper,Push to Mayor Li:“You see now,Can come”
“what?Demoted me to deputy mayor”Mayor Li takes a look,Shouted in surprise。
Xia Jianyi listen,The hanging heart just let go,This twists and turns,From last night to now,Finally got a conclusion,It turns out that Ouyang Hong knows well,But she doesn’t want to say it。
Mayor Li patted the table and said:“I am not convinced,I want to find a leader in the city,I’m over fifty,Big deal to retire”
“Don’t waste your feelings,Last one,If you do not obey the organization arrangement,Dismiss all duties on the spot,Didn’t you see clearly?”Ouyang Hong said with a straight face。
Mayor Li sat down slowly,Like a puddle of mud。Wang Degui’s face also changed,The spirit is no longer found in him。
“Director Li,Wang Changlin in Xiping Village,Wang Erwa,And Zhang Deming,These three took the lead in looting supplies,Unorganized discipline,You take them back,ask clearly,Who made them do this,I want answers“Ouyang Hong opened a small book,Said with a serious face。
“it is good!Mayor Ouyang,We go now“Director Li agreed,Led the two policemen away。
Wang Degui in the house instantly became like an ant on a hot pot,He kept wiping sweat,Ouyang Hong’s eyes float from time to time,Ouyang Hong said nothing,What is written in the notebook。
For a while,Ouyang Hong just closed the notebook,To Mayor Lee:“You are older,It’s a bit inappropriate to go to Nanling Village,Let’s go to Chenzhuang!Where is the disaster not bad,Work pressure will be less“
Xia Jian did not expect,Maybe everyone in the house didn’t expect,This Ouyang Hong can have such a broad mind,just now,The so-called Mayor Lee retaliated against her,In a blink of an eye,Not only did she not retaliate against him,And assigned him a relatively light job,This is the gap between people。
Mayor Li awkwardly said to Ouyang Hong“Thank you“Just left dingy。
Wang Degui saw that the situation was gone,Also want to follow,But it’s late,Just listen to Ouyang Hong said:“Chief Wang,Please report to the town police station in the afternoon,With Chen Gui,Confess the problem,If you don’t want to go,I’ll notify the police station to invite you to your house“
Hey!This method is high!Xia Jian couldn’t help but look at Ouyang Hong twice,Such a big beauty,Not only has a high background,This is not sloppy,Way of managing people,Also a set,This seems a bit like saying that。
Wang Degui’s high jump,Just fall show,He took a bite,Talk and stop,When leaving the office,He didn’t forget to stare at Xia Jian fiercely。