“That’s a pity,There is no one to collect your corpses!”

No longer need to hear the voice on the phone,Xiang Chen directly hung up。
“It should be locked?”
Xiang Chen seemed to ask the air,Then I saw the headphones in Xiang Chen’s ears,Then understand,Why some time Xiang Chen can calculate so accurately。
I got Mo Mo’s answer in the headset,Xiang Chen also nodded gently。
Walk slowly to Gao Lan’s side,Xiang Chen first gave Han Genji a sorry look,Just told him:“Sorry,Said it brought you,But this time I’m going to leave you to clean up the mess。”
Han Genji nodded,That I understand,Just in Hongyuan Group is already shocked,Next place,I might have to slow down and participate again。
Finish explaining with Han Genji,Then Xiang Chen looked at Gao Lan again。
“I don’t know if they are lying to me,If it is fake,I must bring Aya back to you,if it is ture,I will bring their heads back。”
Xiang Chen’s voice is cold,Yao Yao not far away followed Xiang Chen and left。
Han Genji watched Xiang Chen and Yao Yao leave,Thinking that my uncle will have a headache for a while,It’s also not happy in my heart。
Then I saw the sad Gao Lan,There was another sigh in my heart。
this world,The weak and the strong,Survival of the fittest。
Xiang Chen and Yao Yao came to Hantian Villa according to Mo Mo’s instructions。
Enter from outside the villa to the inside,Xiang Chen and Yao Yao didn’t receive much resistance,Until the two of them stood in front of strict justice and severe lack。
Don’t know if you don’t meet,Everyone is acquaintance when we meet。
Yan Zhengyi naturally remembers the monster who raised the white horse,Xiang Chen also remembers the stern justice that escaped from his own hands。
As for Xiang Chen and Yan Que, who have had a short collaboration with Mo,Two people know each other。
“I also said the sound is a bit familiar on the phone,Turned out to be a former partner!”