Chen Yonghong: Writing Tongzhou Comprehensive Strictly Administration Party

Original title: Distinguished ideal beliefs to strictly understand the implementation of management party responsibility with the actual action spectrum to write Tongzhou comprehensively from the strict treatment party new chapter newspaper (correspondent Shiwei Office, Fu Tao, Fu Tao The Education Conference was held, and Chen Yonghong, secretary of the district committee, attended the meeting and speaking.

He asked Party members and cadres at all levels to cherish the power given by the people, and cherish the opportunity to start business, and cherish their own future and family happiness. Always firmly believe in their own beliefs, and always do the strictness, resolutely implement the responsibility of the management, with loyalty, Clean, actual actions, and writing Tongzhou comprehensive from the strict treatment of the party.

Chen Yonghong emphasizes that it is necessary to have a solid belief, do not be "abstract".

Always constantly transform yourself with the spirit of self-revolution, improve yourself, improve yourself, and practice "King Kong is not bad". It is necessary to learn from the history of the hundred years, learn the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session, vigorously promote the spirit of the great website, and motivate the party members and cadres in the district to keep political nature; Political life, continuous improvement of political consciousness and political ability, enhance political immunity; we must pursue the ideal pursuit of performance, target the annual goal, and fully promote "I do a practical thing for the masses" project, continue to fight, and climb the peak. Chen Yonghong pointed out that it is necessary to continue to be strict, don’t be chaos with "bad".

Always keep the corrosion, hunting alert, know the fear, save the fear, keep the bottom line, so that honesty is self-disciplined into every subtle place to work. To hold the border of the power, there is a quit in your heart, use the right to treat the power; to manage the small section, keep the mind, keep the big big virtue, take the lead in the home style, take the lead and self-cultivation, honest Guardian "family blessing"; use the determination and perseverance of "acting skills" and "convergence", not less expensive, and do not underestimate the determination and perseverance of the opponents of the district committee.

Chen Yonghong emphasized that it is necessary to resolutely implement the responsibility of the management, do not be less than "troubles". Party organizations at all levels in the whole region must grasp this "cow nose" to the responsibility system, responsible, responsible, and behave in all the process of the party and governance party, all aspects. To comprehensively compare the subject responsibility, in accordance with the principle of "who is responsible, who is responsible", strengthen the responsibility transmission, the implementation of the layers, relying on the "critical minority" to manage the "vast majority"; to take the lead to implement the first responsible person responsibility of the Secretary, Give full play to the demonstration leading and organizational role, take the lead in properly treat supervision, habit accept supervision; to strictly control the responsibility of supervision, continue to deepen higher levels, deeper "three turns", strengthen discipline supervision, and resolutely solve the problem During the stage, curb in germination.

According to the deputy secretary of the district committee, Wang Shaoi, in the host meeting, the majority of party members and cadres in the region should be in accordance with the requirements of this meeting, we wake up, and further improve the political station, and earnestly enhance the mind and action to the Party Central Committee. Comprehensively, from the demand for party strategy deployment.

It is necessary to tighten discipline and rule the string, consciously use party discipline to request and constrain itself, do not touch "red line", do not touch "bottom line". It is necessary to keep in mind the purpose of "finishing the party is public, governing for the people", always standing in the people’s position, and many people’s livelihood, and understanding the worries of people’s livelihood, and constantly increasing the people’s gain, happiness and sense of security. Party organizations at all levels should press the party’s party’s political responsibility, continue to strengthen the construction of the style, and to implement the eight provisions and implementation of the central provisions and implementation of the spirit, and perseve the "four winds". Provide strong political guarantee. The participants watched the warning educational film "Liang Jian – Tongzhou District Zhengfeng Discussion". Chen Jinxiang, the Standing Committee of the District Committee and District Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the director of the district supervision committee, picked up the discipline inspection and investigation and investigation of discipline inspection in the district. The four sets of team leaders participated in the meeting.

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