Then Qin Feng went to find Jiang Yan,Said:“Yan Yan,It’s the same whether you are in the company or not,As long as something happens, you can come back,Then I did some emergency work or something。”

Just have a call,I can be there in half a minute,We might as well leave the company and go home to practice,So your physique problem can always be solved,And I can give you some guidance。
“Ok……This proposal is good,Then let’s go later。”Jiang Yan,He said with his chin in both hands。
Soon,Sweetheart,After the work has been arranged,I asked Qin Feng to go home together。
arrive home,Then Qin Feng taught Jiang Yan the most basic practice。
Jiang Jiangyan just started practicing,And then focus on this stage,The practice is extremely fast,This may be the strength of the ancient system ice body。
This cultivation speed is comparable to Qin Feng’s Hunyuan body,Qin Feng’s Hunyuan body cultivates Bai Dou7star13All the origins of the universe in the needle,And what Jiang Yan’s ice body cultivated,There is only one source of cold attribute。
Jiang Yan just started,It can make spiritual power gather in the body,This is about to break,Cohesion。
When Qin Feng touched Jiang Yan’s palms, he could feel the power of ice,Shocked myself。
Qin Feng,And then started teaching him,The Hand of the Jade Girl in the Heart Sutra of Jade Girl。
This Jade Girl’s Heart Sutra is like a tailor made in Jiang Yan,Let the cold generated in his body use it for himself,And the cultivation base is thousands of miles。
Then Qin Feng first talked about the application skills in the Jade Girl Zhang Method。
Then Qin Feng rehearsed this palm technique for him,Qin Feng felt it was not going well during the rehearsal,This palm technique is not suitable for me。
But when Jiang Yan uses it,It really seems like a talented skill,Used。
Practiced like this all afternoon。
Finally, Qin Feng suppressed his realm to the stage of gathering strength.,Want to compete with Jiang Yan。