He Qi violent。

Kicked a dozen feet,Charl Rose seems a little tired,Stopped,Then loudly:“Not hurry up!”
Even so, the black guards are still behaved,Hurriedly followed Leo。
A group of people walked slowly to area one。
In addition to some simple storefronts,Only auction house。
of course,This is before,Now there is a circus,Right next door to the auction house。
and so,To go to the circus, you have to pass the auction house。
As an organization in conflict with Ming,Leo’s Foge Chamber of Commerce has always been followed,It’s just that Ming Ge said not to conflict with Foge Chamber of Commerce,So they dare not do anything。
Today, watching the Tianlongren walk over,Hurried forward。
“Charl Rose St,Hello,Our auction house has prepared the best slave,Your exclusive location is also ready!”
The people at the auction house ignored Leo。
Ming brother said,They don’t want to provoke Leo,Leo won’t interfere with them。
So I ignored Leo。