Six fuses derailed by men

Six fuses derailed by men

First, before and after your wife is pregnant.

  Because wives often take care of themselves for a period of time, some playful husbands easily show irritability and quietly seek comfort from other opposite sexes.

Therefore, the wife during pregnancy must strive to restrain her emotional fluctuations and try to maintain her attractiveness, especially using the joy of the role of expectant mother and expectant father to enhance the relationship between the two.

  Second, after separation.

  If it is helpless to live in two places due to work account and other reasons, maintaining close ties is essential.

There are a variety of modern communication methods. Letters, e-mails, telephones, etc. can be used in a comprehensive way to try to weave the emotional network.

  Of course, it is best to arrange a time for a holiday or some extraordinary days (such as birthdays, wedding anniversary).

Because of the artificial separation due to contradictions, you should use a problem-solving attitude to calm down, rather than blindly cheer, because gambling can only make people crazy and try to seek emotional affair.

And this separation can only be occasional, and a short period of time should be set.

Once separation becomes a habit, breakups can easily become a reality.

% 26gt;% 26gt;% 26gt; Separation between the two places causes “cold couples” III. When the work changes, such as the husband laid off, work is frustrated and so on.

  People need to find the fulcrum and happiness in their lives at work. Once faced with unemployment and frustration, they will inevitably collapse and feel lost.

If you can’t get the strength and support of your wife at this time, it’s easy to let your feelings run away from your family. Your wife must not be careless.

Everyone has unsatisfactory times, as long as they support each other, they can help each other through the difficulties together.

  Fourth, when local changes occur, for example, if her husband is promoted to official status, he is rich.

  It is self-evident that we are full of passion for sexual desire.

In addition to the excitement of the husband’s progress, his wife will also have a sense of stress, and will work hard to turn stress into success, and constantly seek progress.

Do not hold the old tune of your husband and wife, because this can only make you sit back and enjoy it, not thinking about progress.

Once the husband feels that you can’t catch up, he may run away by himself, and then you can only reach out and cry, and it is useless.

  As the saying goes, men get worse when they have money.

But if there is a happy family backing up, it will not be easy to get worse.

% 26gt;% 26gt;% 26gt; Ranging How Your Marriage Quality Lets You Get Your Marriage Along The Way.

  Fifth, when a family accident occurs.

  In such an example, a couple was originally loving and did not expect that the 3-year-old daughter suddenly died of illness.

Under great grief, the wife complained all day that her husband did not take good care of her daughter, which made her husband tortured, and she had to escape, go out to drink, ferment, and stay away from home until she had an extramarital affair and left home.

Therefore, when similar situations occur, accusations, complaints, resentments, and struggles are not helpful. Only a peaceful, positive, and common mentality can face misfortune.

This is especially important for wives who are more emotional.

  Don’t blame each other for living together!

When something happens, calm down first and think about why this is the case.

Save the time of quarrel and discuss what to do.

Only in this way can we solve the problem.

  Mother-in-law disagreement often involves marriage.

This is a tricky subject for the husband.

When he can’t handle it, he will abandon himself and flee alone.

  The above is not comprehensive.

But holding on to the loss can keep the city intact.

By grasping the moment when the above dozens of husbands can easily derail, they can do more with less and protect a happy and happy family.