“what?it is good,it is good!I will take notes,You speak slowly。”Lu Youshan is getting more and more confused,The son seems to have grown up all of a sudden,Not only become assertive,And it’s amazing,Very prosperous。

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text Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Tenacious opponent
? No. 2 Shengjing Road,Large conference room on the third floor of the office building of the Sports Association。
Jiang Jinghong with Lu Menglin and his child Zhou Zhuojun,And that little fat sun,Four people sat in the conference room together。
Sitting across from them is a sports association officer,Young,At most 20 years old,Looks like he just graduated。
The secretary surnamed Liu accompanied the smiling face,Sitting on the opposite side patiently,From time to time, I secretly glanced at Jiang Jinghong from the corner of my eye,He looks like a young boy,It doesn’t look like he can do serious things at all。
“Everyone,Wait,Wait a minute!The other two teams have not arrived yet,Wait for them to arrive,Let’s sit down and discuss this togetherEVOQualification for the contest!”Officer Liu took another peek at Jiang Jinghong,Smiled cheerfully。
In fact,The four have been waiting for almost forty minutes,Just drank a pot of tea,It’s really boring。
Lu Menglin is okay,He has a calm personality,Quite stable,Just silently observing various details in the conference room,Take advantage of the location。
Jiang Jinghong is obviously very upset,When did Miss Jiang wait for so long?,It just can’t happen yet,It’s really frustrated。
The child stares at the desktop slightly,I can’t help making gestures on the table,Obviously, the game interface has been made up,Started fighting with the virtual opponent in my mind。
Rarely he is so obsessed with the King of Fighters,Plus it was before the competition,Inevitably a little nervous,I can’t wait to improve my strength every minute。
I have been idle these days,Lu Menglin also imparted some extremely practical skills to children。These are the experiences of later generations,Understanding of every skill,So that the children will be empowered,As if opening a door to a new world。
That’s why he practiced so fascinatingly,Every second counts。
As for the last member of Team Menglin,That Sun Xiaopang from China Unicom Family Home,He looks like a passerby in terms of games,It’s a bored look,West look,And sneered at the shabby decoration of the conference room of the Sports Association。