Apartment Market: New high in the year last month

Recently, the Guangzhou Housing Market has a sign of recovery, and the apartment market is also followed. According to the statistical data of the enrichment, the volume of Guangzhou apartment volume has increased by 3% year-on-year, up 43% from October, and the transaction volume is new year.

At present, the Guangzhou One-hand apartment market is more in the sales project. The Yangcheng Evening News reporter has recently visited many popular apartment projects in the city. The recent apartments continue to make profitable sales, even at the working day, the consultants within the marketing center are still a lot.

Design novel and first-line Wangjiang model room attracts the high-month transaction volume in the market for the supply of Guangzhou apartment market.

According to the third party agency, the Ruiguang Buddha area data shows that as of the end of October, the inventory area of ??Guangzhou has a resantage area of ??10,000 m2, the deformation cycle, which is the Tianhe, Liwan, Nansha, Zengcheng four-zone degradation cycle of more than 25 months. .

In November, Yuexiu Tianjiangwan, Guangzhou International Innovation Center, Poly Jinxiu Hall and Yanhan International and other new products were listed.

The sufficient supply has brought a more diverse products.

According to industry insiders, except for a favored small area product, the big flat apartment is also prominent in transaction performance.

Currently, the common complex LOFT products in the market also covers more comprehensive area segments. The advantages of project comes have made it possible to stand out in the fierce market competition.

For example, it is located in Haizhu District’s main subway and the high-end commercial complex Hua Xinfang 333. There are many intermediary leading the buyer to see the house on the day of the reporter.

At the Haizhu District, the main southward, the Yuexiu Jiangjing, the reporter visited the reporter, and the six entity model rooms had a group of online consultations, Guangzhou Zhongyuan Research Development Department data shows that the property In November, a total of 775 units attracted buyers. According to statistics, November November, Haizhu District, Zengcheng Apartment Apartment has a total of more than 70% of the city, Baiyun District, Huadu District With a high outstanding performance of individual real estate, Panyu District, Tianhe District, respectively, The monthly transaction reduced approximately 50%, 30%. At the end of the promotion season, the reporters visited many apartment properties in their continued promotions, and a small number of hot products were relatively strong. Taking Yuexiu Tianjiang Bay as an example, it is generally 10,000 yuan / m2 in the sale of products, but on-site sales staff said: "There is a small number of prices in the price of 10,000 yuan / m2, some Wangjiang products must be 3 Ten thousand yuan / m2 or more. "In China New Foundation 333 Marketing Center, the sales staff calculated a" December purchase "account, except" double 12 reduction of 50,000 yuan ", a series of" fold "" fold The above information is called the end of the year.

It is worth mentioning that there is a watchcher reflecting a real estate salesman saying that it is necessary to sign a "decoration contract" for more than 10,000 yuan, which is used for fine decoration.

Industry insiders reminded if the buyer encounters similar to the above situation, it is necessary to fully consider whether it is compliant, assessing its own down payment and loan capacity, and beware of damage to the interest.

"Yangcheng Evening News" December 10, 2021 A15 layout.