Wang Dazhi frowned suddenly:This condition of Air China is a bit bullying。

But unexpectedly Chen Geng agreed and agreed.:“can。”
Chen Geng agreed so happily?
Chen Geng promised too much,Wang Zhenguo was stunned for a while,He froze for a while,Talent:“Mr. Chen,I’m talking aboutMD-12。”
“I’m talking aboutMD-12,”Chen Geng said he heard it right,No mistake:“The long-range aircraft we equip in the future,Will only beMD-11、A330This level。”
Chen Geng said so,Wang Zhenguo didn’t know what to say for a while,He blinked,Tentatively:“that……A word?”
“OK,A word。”
Chen Geng agreed very happily,He didn’t plan to equip it anywayMD-12,MD-11、A330And Boeing777、787Is the mainstream of the future,As for Air China,In order to maintain their unique position in domestic aviation operations……Do what they like,I didn’t plan to challenge Air China’s status anyway。
Although I don’t know why Chen Geng agreed so happily,But this is not a bad thing after all,The heart that Wang Zhenguo has been holding is finally let go。
Before this,Wang Zhenguo’s biggest worry is that Chen Geng’s airlines also need to be equippedMD-12,But now,Wang Zhenguo still doesn’t believe it,it’s here、What I said in front of so many people,It’s hard for him to make Chen Geng even dare to regret?
But Wang Zhenguo was just about to speak,Just listen to Chen Geng continue:“We must have no problem here,But Mr. Wang,China Eastern Airlines seems rightMD-12Also very interested。”
Eastern Airlines……
Wang Zhenguo’s brows suddenly frowned。
Yes,For Air China,China Eastern Airlines is always the biggest threat,This guy has been thinking about the dragon chair under his ass、preparing“Plot to usurp the throne”,For example,If China Eastern Airlines is equippedMD-12,When the core visits abroad,Eastern Airlines has something to say:“leadership,We have some of Air China,Do you also support、Check our work?”
Words may not be so direct,But it means this,For Air China,This kind of situation is definitely not allowed,Any clues or turbulence must be eliminated in the bud!
“Eastern Airlines……They can’t buy,The state will not grant them funds,”I have made up my mind、When I go back, I will contact the friend of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Wang Zhenguo.,Made a decision soon:“However, China Eastern Airlines is also an integral part of the domestic air transport industry.,If they urgently need to replenish their transport power,Our Air China big brother can carry forward the style,Let them mention firstMD-11。”
Air China is Air China,Profoundly practiced myself in the field of China Civil Aviation“I am not dead,You are all princes”Unique status,No matter how China Eastern Airlines frustrated,In the end, I still failed to get under McDonnell DouglasMD-12Eligibility for aircraft orders,But China Eastern Airlines“Prince”Existence,If Air China is the Prince Li Chengqian of the East Palace,,Then Eastern Airlines is the beloved Wei Wang Li Tai,To compensate“Li Tai”,Air China even allows China Eastern Airlines to get it firstMD-11——butMD-12Can only belong to Lao Tzu。